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      Why we do online broadcasts of everything we do and what information you can see and verify.

      How often on the pages of investment companies do you see a description in general phrases that this company earns money in financial markets? You always wonder, but on what kind of markets? On what instruments?

      Or again, general phrases about traders and analysts working. And where are these traders or analysts? How can we see them? To see what they do?

      Of course, when traces of the company disappear the clients have these questions and as a rule they realise that there were no traders and analysts there as well as no work on any financial markets.

      Clients of the ProfiXone Capital fund have the unique opportunity to monitor online everything the fund does with their money. They can see how the traders are performing, what results have been achieved so far, what instruments and markets the fund is working with and what current operations the fund is carrying out.

      You can watch live streaming of the fund’s activities on the ProfiXone Capital website page

      Streaming of fund traders from a working ZOOM.

      The first thing you’ll see is our traders who work in 8-hour shifts 5 days every 5 days. That’s how we ensure we’re working around the clock 7 days a week.

      With our extensive experience in the financial markets, we know for a fact that one is not the only one. A single trader faces a lot of non-trading risks in his work, which leads to fatigue, frustration, violation of trading plans and, as a consequence, loss of money.

      We are therefore confident that by observing our traders, who are always good looking, neat, tidy, calm and focused on their work, our clients are confident that their money is in safe hands.

      The traders’ broadcasts are performed from the working zoom, so our clients can not only watch the picture, but also listen to the traders’ conversations with shift managers and auditors. All broadcasts are recorded and can be viewed on our Youtube channel

      Daily financial figures and overall performance for the current month

      The second thing you will see on the broadcast page is the daily financial performance of the foundation and the overall result of all the work for the month.

      Anyone who has worked in the financial markets understands that results can vary from month to month. However, our clients can always monitor the results that the fund receives and can accurately assess whether these results are sufficient for the fund to meet its obligations to provide all necessary expenses. The fund must also cover all required expenses, e.g. securing the growth of the FIX token, the partner payments as well as its own required expenses. Igor Botnar, the fund’s CEO, explains how much the fund needs to earn for all of the above in his article “How We Ensure FIX Token Growth” …..

      As for the daily results, the total profit percentage is always calculated after the completion of all trading cycles at the end of the working day. Deposits of traders’ shifts at the beginning of the working day are withdrawn taking into account the profits received for the previous trading day in two shifts and the difference between deposits and withdrawals of the fund’s clients.

      Traders’ work using ProfiXone Capital’s mathematical algorithm

      The third thing that is broadcast is the mathematical calculations according to a special algorithm developed by the fund, which evaluates all possible risks and the necessary number of lots (contracts) for the financial instruments used in order to complete a full trading cycle with a positive financial result in each shift.

      In conjunction with the online streaming of all current financial transactions listed below, it is not only the fund managers and auditors who can assess the discipline of the fund’s traders in handling cash assets, but also the clients and it is online as well.


      Fund accounts and ongoing financial transactions online

      The fourth thing our clients can see on the broadcasts page is the online work of our traders with the fund’s accounts. Financial instruments with which the first and second shifts work, the deposit size of client funds under fund management, all current transactions in the selected financial instruments, changes in the total deposit when all transactions are executed.

      Further on the broadcast page, each of our clients can see the shift managers and traders who work to ensure that our clients can be assured that their funds are well monitored and used for their intended purpose in order to generate a stable weekly profit.

      ProfiXone Capital, is an honest, open-ended investment fund that is not afraid to showcase all its activities live.

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