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      Igor Botnari

      Welcome, everyone! I am Igor Botnari, CEO and founder of ProfiXone Capital, and I continue to talk about our fund, its services and all the opportunities we can provide.

      In this article, I will describe our affiliate programme in detail.

      I advise those who wish to become partners to read the article in which I explain how we ensure the growth of our FIX token. The mathematics of the process will be clear.

      Our partnership agreement, which is the fundamental document in our relationship with our partners.

      We don’t promise super profits, but we guarantee long and stable earnings!

      We earn consistently in the market according to a system of rules and measures which we have strictly developed and which we call financial technology. And we are ready to share a share of this profit with our partners, which we do on an ongoing basis.

      We have three partnership reward programmes:
      1. Personal invites
      2. Weekly payments from client’s income.
      3. Global pool for top investors.

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