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      Igor Botnari

      The ProfiXone Capital investment fund makes you a unique and unprecedented offer in the investment and gift market!

      For someone who wants to give an expensive gift to themselves or their loved ones, this is an opportunity to get all the money spent back.

      For an investor, it is an opportunity to take out a full deposit on their investment, put it in their safe deposit box and earn a good monthly percentage knowing that they cannot lose their money.

      You no longer have to spend money on beautiful, precious gifts for your loved ones, because with the FIX Gold token, you will get 100% of your expenses back.

      1. Choose a jewellery from USD 1,000 at Valmand Europe

      2. Open an account and make a deposit with ProfiXone Capital in the amount of the selected item in USDT cryptocurrency

      3. Receive the product at home by express courier


      4. You receive on your deposit in the fund 70% of the value of the product in FIX Gold tokens, which grows by 43.15% over 12 months and at the end of this period you can withdraw your money, which will amount to 100% of your expenditure on this jewellery product.


      Ask your question in our forum!

      We are always available and ready to help!

      All jewellery uses only natural gemstones, which are imported directly from the stock exchange in the USA. All stones come with GIA certificates confirming their high quality.

      Not only can you get ready-made jewellery, but you can also make a personalised order based on your own sketches or photographs provided.

      Lead time of 4 to 6 weeks.

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