Have you decided to give a gift to yourself, your loved one or someone you know?

You have decided that the gift should be a jeweler.

Now you have one way to go.

Choose a jeweler, pay for it, get it and say goodbye to money forever.

With us, you have an alternative way.

You can get your jeweler and after 12 months, you can get your money back.

How this is possible is explained in detail below.

Or, you have found the website of our investment fund and are interested in our services. You don’t know anyone from the company, you don’t know any partners and you don’t trust anyone to buy a FIX One token, which is guaranteed to grow at a fixed rate of 1% each week.
You don’t have confidence in us yet, but the offer to invest at a fixed percentage of growth is tempting, and you could also take part in an partnership.

So, for those clients who are interested in buying once and then receiving jewellery free of charge every year, or for those who need a guaranteed physical confirmation that they won’t lose their investment, we have created a FIX Gold token.

I won’t return to the subject of what we trade and earn in the market in this article. You will find many articles about this and most importantly, you have the opportunity to check out our work because we do it online 24 hours, 7 days a week. Everything we do can be seen on the “Broadcasts” page of our main website. How to understand what you see is described in the article ” The work of the fund is live” on our forum.
We earn in the financial market (at the moment in the crypto market) and since this business, if properly run, can scale up to large sizes, the more money we have in management, the more we earn.

That is, we are interested in having more clients and their deposits growing.

Jewelers makers are also interested in selling their goods.

I am sure it will be no secret that in the jeweler business, as in any other business, there is a mark-up between wholesale and retail prices. In any case, as a buyer of an jewelry, you will buy it at the retail price.
We don’t overprice jeweler, just the manufacturer’s price. Each of our customers can check these prices on the manufacturer’s website and have the opportunity to choose this product from them or on our website (which we haven’t launched yet), the prices will always be equal.
Our producers are located in the territory of the European Union, in Romania, Bucharest. This means that there are no customs duties for EU residents. Everything is sent to them by courier service DHL with insurance equal to 1% of the value of the product and delivery cost of 60 USDT.
For residents of other countries delivery cost will be 80 USDT +1% of the value of the product + customs duties, which are different in different countries, so you need to find out for yourself before ordering.

So that you have no doubts that our offer is not a scam and everything works, I will show you an example of how it works from the inside.

1.            You choose a jeweler. On the manufacturer’s website or our specialized website (it is in development), there is no difference.
2.   You open your personal account in our fund.
This can be done at this link….
3.            Contact with our employee through a personal account and agree on the terms of ordering and delivery. Jewelers is different, metal color, clarity and transparency of stones, sizes. All this you decide with our operator and agree on the final cost. You pay 1% for insurance and delivery separately.
4.            You carefully read our legal agreement for purchasing a FIX Gold token, read the contract for supplying the jeweler from the manufacturer, agree with them and make a deposit of the amount agreed upon with the operator, which includes the cost of the item, delivery and insurance. Customs duties, if any, you pay yourself at the place of receipt of the jeweler.
All replenishments and settlements are made with us in cryptocurrency, USDT Stablecoin.
5.            We accept your money and immediately send 30% of that amount to the jeweler manufacturer. 70% of your money is exchanged for a FIX Gold token at the current exchange rate, which you will always find in your personal client cabinet. These tokens are credited to your account and blocked for withdrawal for 12 months.
6.            All these 12 months FIX Gold tokens are guaranteed to grow at a fixed rate, set as 0,72% per week and since you cannot withdraw them, they will grow at a compound interest rate of 43,15% per annum over 12 months.
7.            After 12 months your FIX Gold tokens will be unlocked and you can exchange them back to USDT at a rate that is guaranteed to be 43.15% higher than the rate at the time you blocked them, which is the real full value of the product you received a year ago.

And now for an example.

I have said, am saying, and will continue to say, that we work completely transparently for our clients. We explain fully what we do and how we do it. We show everything.
The only thing and let it be our first and last trade secret from our clients, is our agreements with jewelers.
Once again, I would like to repeat that. We don’t have any markup on retail prices or discounts on those retail prices advertised on the manufacturer’s website. All of our customers are purchasing jeweler at a fair, retail price.
I would also remind you that we guarantee our other token, FIX One, to grow at a fixed rate of 1% per week. Over a 12-month period, this token grows in value by 64.46%, which will be important in my example.
1.            You have selected a product. You have agreed on the jeweler with the operator. You were invoiced 1,000 USDT for the product, and you topped it up with that amount (plus insurance of 1% and shipping separately).
2.            We take 30% of your amount and send it immediately to the manufacturer. In our example it is 300 USDT.
3.            The manufacturer sends at once (if the item you have chosen is in stock and you will know about it after checking with our staff) by courier service DHL. If you choose a bespoke product or you need to make some additional changes to the standard piece of jeweler, you will agree all this with our operator and you will know the delivery time right away, even before the money is transferred to your account).
4.    The jeweler has been sent to you (all jeweler is certified, with a guarantee, all details in your personal cabinet), we will consider that you have received it and are happy to wear it or give it away, or put it in a safe. In general, at this point, we fulfilled our promise, it is in your hands and is totally yours.
5.            70% of your amount we exchanged into FIX Gold tokens. Let’s keep our example simple and the exchange rate of this token at the time of exchange was exactly 1 USDT for 1 token. That is, you received 700 FIX Gold tokens into your account.
6.            We transfer 700 USDT to the exchange and start working with them. At the beginning of the example, I reminded you of the FIX One token. We operate the exchange in such a way that it is profitable for us to give 64.46% p.a. to our clients. You can read more about the full mathematics of the FIX One token growth process in the article “How we ensure FIX token growth”.
That is, it is beneficial for us to give 700 USDT x 64.46% = 452 USDT to our customers after 12 months.
7.            We have promised you that the FIX Gold token will grow by 43.15% in 12 months.
700 USDT x 43,15% = 302 USDT.
8.            There remains 452 USDT – 302 USDT = 150 USDT. These funds will be enough for us to make final settlement with the manufacturer from whom you received the jeweler.

As a result, in 12 months, you will have 700 FIX Gold tokens unlocked in your account.

Since the exchange rate will increase by 43.15%, the price of each token will be 1.4315 USDT.

You will be able to exchange your tokens 700 x 1,4315 = 1,002 USDT.

The jewellery has been pleasing you for a long time now and you will still get 100% of your money back.

You will then have a choice, which is entirely up to you:

– withdraw these 1,000 USDT from your account;

– exchange these 1 000 USDT for a FIX One token, to already receive 1% growth every week.

– order the jeweler again and then the whole cycle of the FIX Gold token cycle I described above will start all over again, and you will receive the jeweler a second time for free.

Everything is honest, simple and explainable.

All you have to do is try it! I promise you will love it 🙂

About customs regulations.

There are no customs duties for EU citizens.
For other citizens, we will clarify and publish as necessary.

Customs nuances.

As we send the first payment to the manufacturer for the product in the amount of 30% of its retail value, we only receive a cheque for 30%. Accordingly, all our customers can count on reduced customs rates.


For all customers, insurance is 1% of the amount of the jewellery.
Nuances of insurance.
Since we send the first payment to the manufacturer for the product in the amount of 30% of its retail value, we receive a check only for 30%. Accordingly, our customers can count on a reduced insurance price. The ProfiXone Capital fund is fully responsible for the safety of the product until it is received by the customer.


All EU customers will be charged 60 USDT for delivery.
The delivery is made by manufacturer, by courier service DHL.
For customers from other countries delivery cost is – 80 USDT.

Receiving jeweler in Bucharest, Romania.

No problem. You come and get your piece from the manufacturer. Put it on, and then there are no customs, insurance or shipping costs.

About prices.

For EU citizens, our prices will be a pleasant surprise. For some countries, they will be considered below market prices.

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