Investment fund ProfiXone Capital’s work ensures that the FIX token grows by 1% each week.

How much we need to earn in order to meet all the obligations.

Just calculate how much we need to earn in the market each month to ensure token growth, affiliate payments and our expenses.

At the very least, this figure should be seen by our investor in live broadcasts and reports in order to be sure that everything is going as planned.

  • The compound interest token growth from the beginning of the month to the end of the month is 4.06%.
  • Affiliate payments of 10% of attracted clients’ earnings, on all lines is 0.83% monthly.
  • Our costs. We have made such a system where each our employee is interested in the result received, so in fact any necessary payments do not exceed 1% of our profit. All other payments come in the form of bonuses from what we earn.

In total, our monthly costs for guaranteed liabilities are as follows:

4, 06% + 0,83% + 1% = 5,89%

In all our past periods of work, we have exceeded this plan.

How we make money in the market

Our team has a lot of experience and that is not just words. So the way we make money in the market cannot just be described by saying that we have traders, they sell and buy different assets and make money on price differences.

Our work, is a large complex of undertaken measures and strict rules, such as the unique mathematical algorithm for calculating transactions in financial instruments, the work of a large team of experienced traders, analysts, managers and auditors, constant risk control, transparent live operation, traceable movement of funds and as a result stable financial results.

Mathematical algorithm

These are the risk management calculation tables, which you can see on the live page

It is by this algorithm that each of our traders executes trades throughout their working shift.

When deployed, this complex mathematical apparatus, which takes into account many parameters for a financial instrument, looks like this.

This algorithm calculates the sequence and the required number of trades that must be made in the overall trading cycle in order to achieve a certain minimum positive result. As soon as this series of trades in the cycle is made and a positive result is obtained, this is how the trading cycle is opened from the beginning.

Financial instruments

Depending on different market parameters, we can work with both stock indices, stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies. Our analysts calculate the most appropriate instrument at a given market phase for our work and we start working with it. At the time of writing, all of our working shifts of traders are trading the cryptocurrency ether ETH.

Our traders

Our traders’ working hours are organised so that on the one hand our traders work 24/7 and on the other hand so that they are not tired, do not feel uncomfortable and are always focused on executing trades for the fund.

That is why we have organised work in 4 shifts. Each trader works 8 hours on a schedule of 5 days work and 5 days rest. At night traders work in those regions when it is daytime, thus we take care of our staff and do not allow our biological clock to break.

We have put our traders’ work on the air so that all our clients can see that our traders control all the processes on the market, so that they can be sure that the funds are in safe hands. This system prevents any disruptions in work and trading.

Anton Ermolov
Dmitriy Vozny
Sergey Kutushev
Robert Ishbuldin
Dzianis Dziatkouski
Anton Kravchenko
Alexey Yakunin
Vyasheslav Martyshev
Oleg Vdovin
Dmitriy Michnik
Konstantin Orlov

Trader shift leaders

It is the job of the shift supervisors to ensure that trades are executed correctly in accordance with all the fund’s rules and regulations. The supervisors also assist the traders in trading when necessary.

Artem Muratov
Dmitriy Chekalov

Denis Lisitsa

Working live

You can see all our actions, traders, managers, all the fund’s operations with accounts, the results we achieve, all this you can see on the “Broadcasts” page of our website.

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