Dear friends, welcome to our community of investors and partners of the ProfiXone Capital fund.

My name is Igor Botnari, I am the CEO of ProfiXone Capital and I would like to tell you in detail about what our team is doing in the capital market.

In this article I will talk about the most important things you can gain from working with us. About how and how much you can earn if you become an investor in our fund.

So how much can you earn if you invest $10,000?

We pay our clients 1% per week. This means that after one week (every Saturday) your account will increase by 1% to $10,100.

In one week, you will earn $100.

After this first week, your capital will already start growing at compound interest, as after one week 1% will already be added to your capital of $10,100 and after 2 weeks you will have $10,201 in your account. And after one month it will be $10,406,0401 and you will have earned $406.

So your initial investment will only increase in one month by a compound interest of 4.0604%

By doing nothing, just by observing our transparent work, in just one year (on the basis of 50 weeks a year, excluding two weekends) your account will grow by 64.4631% and with the above described initial investment you will see $16,446 in your account.

In three years, this amount will be $44,484 because it will increase by 344.8423% compound interest, and in 5 years it will increase by 1103.2156% and you will see a decent deposit of $120,322 in your account

In this way, you can increase your account by a factor of 12 in 5 years.

My huge capital was made by time, compound interest and good companies

That is exactly what Warren Buffett said, most recently in a letter to investors in his company.

And these are guaranteed, risk-free payouts, secured by our transparent operation and strict smart contract rules, which is the basis of the FIX crypto token, which no one can change for the next 5 years.

And there are no restrictive covenants.

There are no deposit freezes. Every investor can deposit or withdraw their money at any time, as they wish. It is your money, we just need to receive your withdrawal request, withdraw these funds from working deposits of the fund on exchanges and redirect them to you. And also in reverse order. We allocate 24 hours for these operations from the moment we receive your order.


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